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Sunday, January 01, 2006 

Life insurance, anyone?

I recently toyed with the idea of a career in network marketing/MLM. I am drawn by the promise of flexible working hours and unlimited earning potential.

Out of curiosity, or perhaps the ridiculous dream of owning a snazzy pink Porsche to match my new pink sandals, I sought advice from a friend who has an e-commerce business (better know as Amway). She gave me the fundamentals and some pointers, and promised to bring me along for the next weekly Amway gathering. At the back of her head, I am also sure she gleefully tagged the word, “Prospect”, to my name.

I decided to do some homework and flipped through the address book of my cell phone. I realized that other than my family, there are only 4 people I call on a regular basis. One of them is my boss and the other is the slave (whom I greatly adore) that reports to me.

Somehow the thought of meeting up with someone, I hardly bother to call in other circumstances, to share an exciting new business opportunity with sounds wrong. I know if the tables were turned I won’t find it assuming.


Perhaps I should try professional blogging instead. I heard the pay is pretty decent.