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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 

Malaysia, my home?

Growing up, I hated leaving Malaysia for our yearly family vacation. I hated leaving the comforts of my home, being away from my friends and having to deal with food, climate, people and culture I was not accustom to. Sure, Italy had the Vatican, Egypt had the Pyramids, New York has the Statue of Liberty, LA had Universal Studios, Melbourne has the (then) 12 Apostles…but nothing felt better than being home.

In college I made conscious choices to stay in the country. I changed from an American Degree Program which required I spend 3 years in Western Michigan to an Australian Program which only required I spend one year away. I was eventually given the choice to complete the entire course in Malaysia and I choose to stay.

When I finally started working I started to feel the itch for an overseas stint. I went to Singapore for a while but eventually returned home. But the longer I stayed in the country the more discontent I felt. I met some really inspirational people from other countries who made me realize that the methodologies and strategies deployed by local companies were less than desirable. I also became more aware of my rights as a Chinese Malaysian.

Malaysia lacks creativity and the ability to advance as the cream of the crop went overseas to study and has no motivation to return. My cousin for example was unable to obtain a scholarship in Malaysia but was granted a full scholarship by Cambridge University for his outstanding performance. He’s gone on to work for huge companies in London, New York, Hong Kong, Spain and Singapore. The one country he won’t be working in anytime soon is his home country. My friends were gladly accepted into Singapore polytechnics and universities after failing to get a place in the local universities. Some of them have given up their Malaysian citizenship as they felt more Singaporean than Malaysian.

After spending 27 years of my life in a place I called home, a place I never wanted to leave despite numerous opportunities, I feel torn to admit I want out. I am tired of policies which benefits a certain race. I am sick of working my ass off for a government who sends someone into space to play “batu seremban” and to make ‘the tarik” in the name of science??? I had enough with our corrupt policemen, politicians, taxi drivers, our repressed local media, our stupid “Malaysia Boleh” catch cry. I am disappointed to learn that immigrants from Vietnam and other war torn countries get housing, heath care and allowances from the Australian government whereas I, Malaysian am a second class citizen in my own country.

Fate knocks on my door and once again I am given a chance to leave, this time I think I’ll walk.

Hello Slinky Chink

Don't give up on fighting your right as a Malaysian citizen. FYI, there are lot of enlightened Malays out there that can help our fellow Malaysians to fight for just and fair Malaysian. The most important things is we must never give up, if you give up like others...it means you are loser. If you don't have any Malay friends to sharing, please find one either from socializing etc. For sure,there are ways out to solve this. Don't give up!

hi, i'd like to say I agree with you. you've expressed many things i feel about my own country.

To Zul - I don't think it's fair to call her a 'loser' if she choses to live a better life.

The malays are pushing the chinese out of this country. It's barely fair to call the chinese 'losers' for leaving.

A loser is someone who works hard to line someone else's pocket while that person goes to have a nice holiday off your sweat.

i wish i could persuade u to stay in malaysia but i can understand how you feel...

do take care slinky

To Shiny Blue Black

hi, i agree with your definition of loser. But then from my experience, generally the typical Malay(those who subscribed to Ketuanan Melayu ideas) would think those 'migrated Chinese' as a good example to show how not loyal they are.

Eventhough it is very subjective, this perception is common among Malays people. So i urge Malaysian Chinese peoples not to give up and fight for your right as a Malaysian citizen. If you migrated, you are just thinking about yourself instead of our beloved country as a whole. This country belong to everyone.

Yay! You're back!

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