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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

Let Me Live In Denial Please!

Have you heard of the Formula One Paddock Club? This very atas ticket grants you access to pit lanes, grandstand seats, endless supply of hors d'oeuvres, Champange, and luxurious hospitality facility. Have you ever heard of someone with enough balls to turn down such an opportunity?

Well boys and girls, you are now reading the blog of one such person. I turned down this once in a life time chance to attend to more important matters-attending the MapleStory VaVaVoom event.

Sigh…The truth is… I am an IDIOT who doesn’t watch F1 and had no freaking idea what Paddock seats were and that it cost a freaking 4k USD!!!!1111oneoneoneone. @$#$^%^%$^%$#!!!

So anyway instead of sharing pictures of hot chicks in short shorts, aerodynamic cars zipping away at over 360km per hour, Russian celebrities and lots and lots of Champagne, here are some pictures of what Formula One Paddock Members missed:

The thrill of draping a 18th foot banner across the shop front

The wonderment of ensuring all PCs are free from any form of keyloggers.

The buzz of watching the crowd build up

And the warmth of happy faces.

Let me live in denial…

Paddock was probably just 2% better than the MapleStory event?

I wish.....:(((((((((((

aww i miss cybercafes!

I had tickets to the paddock 3 years ago.. and let me just rub it in that it was great! You get to walk along the pit lanes and see the cars, plied with champagne and delicious food, then you get to see and meet the drivers depending on which team you got the tickets for! Hehe... maybe next year, you'll get tickets again... bring me along?

Grrrrrr....nice ah? Rubbing salt to the wound.

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