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Saturday, March 25, 2006 

Nice ah Boss Stewie? Make me do stupid school meme...

He who pisses in the country side bushes tagged me with a school meme some time back. Nice ah?

I have some wonderful memories of me vandalizing school property and flooding my school’s “bengkel” when assigned to clean the roof as a form of punishment. Slinky – 2, School –Nil!

How many schools did I go to?

Four. I was in the same primary school up till I completed my UPSR but changed secondary schools three times.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

Definitely the last minute HERO. I think I bring it when it comes to last minute studying. During my time, part of the examinations were multiple choice - Teachers used to call me “Sharp Shooter”, indicating that I seldom knew the answer for sure but always managed to “tikam” (guess) the right one.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?

A Taiko, who was also the headmistress’s pet (powerleh!) until a certain incident. Please refer below.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

Man I broke so many rules in school but being the headmistress’s pet and never getting caught was my key to not getting expelled. Rules i broke include – skirts too short, socks too high, shop lifting, vandalizing, playing truant, defiance of prefects and teachers, etc etc but the one thing that got me into a whole load of trouble was a half page article I wrote about the tyranny of my school’s rules which got published in Youth Quake.

Thanks NST for publishing my email address which also happens to be my real name! Nice ah?

Three subjects I enjoyed.

Literature, English and Economics

Three teachers that inspired me.

My Literature, English and Economics teachers.



lol, orang ni heboh heboh! and ur headmistress didnt grill you for that article?

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