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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Morning Express with Michael Lai (TMNET CEO)

I listened to Michael Lai on my way to work today. The interview is what I can only describe as entertainment at its best. Based on that radio interview, this is what I have to say about the man.

I like Michael Lai, for he is a poet. He says things like:

“Wah, today the flesh is a little bit weak but whenever I am here the spirit is always strong”, before he starts singing “I feel good! Dadadada!”.

“As I always say, at the end, technology is not special, life is.

He quotes, “Aspire to greatness. Each of us is going to travel the world of life’s adventure only once. But once is enough if you do it right. So my advice is - One life to lead, and one life to live, and it’s ours. So make it good Malaysians, doesn’t matter if it’s short or if it’s long, as it was a good one. Because in the end it is not the years in you life that count, it s the life in your years. So Malaysian, be the champions, make it matter."

I like Michael Lai, for he is a neologist. He creates new ways to use common words:

“Last week we asked Malaysians on their opinions on the government’s STABS to curd the country’s crime rates.”

“You’re SPORT on, SPORT on, Nigel!

“Victor from Malaysian IDLE”.

I like Michael Lai, for he looks on the bright side of life (also known as turning a blind eye to fundamental facts).

“I would like to thank all customers out there who supported TMNET through thick and thin and voted for us on the PC.com awards.” ~ Michael’s response on TMNET Streamyx winning PC.com’s Best Broadband Internet Service Provider.

He obviously forgot that they very much monopolize the entire market.

I like Michael Lai, for he thinks even the dumbest questions are intelligent.

DJ: “And what’s the function of an installer, Mr Lai?”
ML: “Well good question Nigel! An installer's role is to install TMNET streamyx at the customer’s premises…”

I like Michael Lai, for he does not encourage dangerous driving (just really corny punch lines).

“Just for those who balik kampong during this festive season, drive carefully. No speeding on the highway. And remember, it’s only legal to hit on the accelearate, on the broadband superhighway.”

I like Michael Lai. Same time, same station next week.

Radio interview here.

wait wait
is it just me.. or do i sense sarcasm?

Spot on ... I like your post. =)

That Michael Lai guy is such a tool. Hehe ... same goes for the other 3 radio DJ stooges who always make lame jokes and forced laughs on 104.5FM (I think?).

Bayar kena potong;
Tak bayar memang potong;

Tak lapur rosak, orang tak tau;
Lapur rosak, mereka tak tau nak jawab; lambat buat kerja; 10 hari lepas official report pun; sama juga mereka kata;

Sabar je; dugaan kata Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

I can't make up if he wants to be the DJ or talk about what Tmnet can offer. Funny guy!

Funny as he may be, tmnet's portal, bluehyppo, is the only portal (that I have seen so far)which have its CEO's thots.

He thinks he is goooood.

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