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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Berry (*his real name) the stalker

Picture of the day: Every calorie counts!

Slinky's picture of the day

I got stalked by some guy from my gym a while ago. Actual MSN conversations as below.

Slinky: okay anyway there was once i was walking out of the gym after workout

H3nry: ok..'

Slinky: then i heard this guy calling out a chick’s name dam loud

H3nry: ok

Slinky: "Nancy!!, NANCY!!!"

H3nry: :-O

Slinky: and the next thing i knew, the fella tap me on my shoulder

H3nry: omg

H3nry: haha

Slinky: he was like "Nancy, it me!!"

Slinky: i was like "errrr, wrong person lar"

H3nry: :-O

Slinky: "eh, so sorry, you look so much like my friend. where u work?" blah balha blah

Slinky: then sohai me exchange name cards with him

Slinky: then he started smsing

Slinky: trying to fix date

Slinky: so i told him i am married

Slinky: staying with parents in law

Slinky: but still he sms once in a while...

Slinky: never saw him in gym after that

Slinky: then my hp lost mar

H3nry: omg!!

H3nry: yea...

Slinky: so good mar

H3nry: geeze....

Slinky: then

H3nry: yea...

H3nry: who is that... so sad

Slinky: no no haven’t end my story

H3nry: :-O

Slinky: so anyway after that i didn’t see him for a long time....then one day, i saw him from a distance in my gym

Slinky: so i quickly walked into the shower cause he cant follow mar

Slinky: after i showered

Slinky: i cepat cepat walk out..

Slinky: down the stairs...out the gym doors...didnt hear anyone following me

Slinky: phew...

Slinky: so i picked up my phone...

Slinky: started calling my mom

Slinky: slowly walk down to the car park...then

Slinky: suddenly...

H3nry: :-O

Slinky: a hard tap on my shoulder... "AMY!!! AMY!! its YOU!!!

Slinky: i was so shocked i screamed so dam 999 loud

H3nry: :-O

Slinky: cause i tot i was alone mar...some more walking to car park

Slinky: dam freaky

Slinky: and it was kinda late

Slinky: and no one around

Slinky: "Ermmm i am not AMY"

Slinky: "eh, so sorry, you look so much like my friend AMY where u work? we must have meet b4"

Slinky: and he asked me for my number...

Slinky: and i gave him my old name card

Slinky: the one with the old number

Slinky: i was kinda freaked lar...so didn’t wanna offend him

Slinky: after that he said he will call me

Slinky: but number wrong mar

Slinky: so avoided gym for a while

Slinky: didn’t see him again until today

Slinky: sigh

Slinky: going for lunch

Slinky: ttyl

Slinky: then i continue part 3 of the story

Note: part 3 copied and pasted from another conversation.

fuah: you got stalked? when??

Slinky: this morning

fuah: waaahh what happened?

Slinky: this weird guys has been trying to get my phone number from gym

Slinky: today when i was driving to work

Slinky: i stopped at a red traffic light

fuah: guys?? you mean there's a bunch of them??

fuah: and then?

Slinky: guy

Slinky: sorry guy

fuah: ok ok

Slinky: then i looked in my side view mirror and saw someone getting down from the car behind me

fuah: then??

Slinky: i didn’t realise it was him

fuah: omg!

fuah: then???

Slinky: and i tot maybe my boot was not close and he came to tell me

Slinky: anyway

fuah: yesh?

Slinky: i wind down my window

Slinky: and immediately i realise who it was

fuah: man you shouldn't have done that

fuah: what did he do?

Slinky: he looked at me and said "Hi"

fuah: omg

Slinky: "i've meet u b4 right"

fuah: ultimate stalker pickup line

Slinky: "my name is Berry"

Slinky: "i just came back from Australia"

fuah: berry?....omg...ultimate stalker fag name

fuah: omg...

Slinky: "if i am not mistaken u are Jennifer right?"

fuah: ..........

Slinky: i was like "no"

fuah: then???

Slinky: then he said "oh, really?"

Slinky: "yeah, i am not Jennifer, never meet u before" **winds up window

fuah: thennnn??

Slinky: "wait, wait, why don’t you give me your number? can i call you?"

fuah: omggggggg

fuah: then?

Slinky: "no"*** window closes

fuah: my god...at that point i would have jammed on the accelerator!!

fuah: eeeee

fuah: then then??

Slinky: and bang the car in front of me??

fuah: oh ya

fuah: ,,,

Slinky: the road is two lane

Slinky: so next to me directly was another kelisa

Slinky: so there was a gap in between me and the other car

Slinky: STALKER drove in between me and the other kelisa

fuah: >__<

Slinky: so was on my left...

fuah: ...so freakyyyyy

Slinky: waving at me...smiling

fuah: ............................

fuah: *hair stands*

Slinky: traffic light turned green and i drove off dam fast

fuah: did he give a chase??

Slinky: no

Slinky: phew
fuah: ....

Slinky: :'(

fuah: omg...you better be careful la

fuah: don't go to the gym anymore

fuah: if you do go with someone

fuah: omg....

Slinky: getting pepper spray today

Slinky: no i am gonna complain to the gym

fuah: but he might catch you after your gym session!!!

fuah: eeeee

fuah: eh seriously...what if you're trying to get into the car and he sneaks up behind you

fuah: or what if he follows you home

fuah: omg...

Slinky: its okay

fuah: i tell you if i were there with you i'll be the ultimate stalker repellent

Slinky: i can go to another gym

Slinky: my gym has many outlets

fuah: i give him my "uber glare of death*

fuah: and i'll bare my yellow teeth

Slinky: hello this guys is dam thick skin

Slinky: u bare your yellow teeth he may think u want to kiss him

Slinky: >.<

fuah: oh yeah....stalkers tend to be damn perasan under any circumstances

fuah: like they are the ultimate losers on earth

fuah: hhhmmm...

fuah: but if i were there he wouldn't try anything

fuah: cos i fight like a man and i bite like a rabid dog

Slinky: i dont think he will try anything

fuah: *strikes pose*

fuah: still...better to be safe man

fuah: is he...even cute

Slinky: nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Slinky: loser material

fuah: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

fuah: like....pimply? with burn marks on his fingers?

Slinky: no lar

fuah: cos he lights up candles on his stalk list altar?

Slinky: .........

Slinky: >.<

fuah: i bet he is collecting pics of you...pinning them up in his closet

Slinky: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Slinky: no man

Slinky: don’t scare me

fuah: with candles and weird satanic signs

fuah: he probably made a sacrifice in your honour

fuah: ....a little...

fuah: headless....

fuah: kitten!

fuah: then...he has a blow up doll with your pic on the face

fuah: ...sorry

Slinky: :'(

fuah: but....this way you'd be more careful

Slinky: >.<

fuah: this kind of ppl ah......damn sad....must have been abused when young

fuah: take care you know

fuah: and you should practice spraying that pepper spray

fuah: it'd be bad if you sprayed it in your face

fuah: i bet if you told Jack, Jack would go into a jealous rage and go "HEY!nobody touches my killer whale!!"

Slinky: ................

Slinky: very funny

fuah: hahah

Have you been stalked before?

/taps your shoulder and runs away

wah.... and i tot my experience was scary enough.... some stalker who read my old blog found out where i stay and also my real name and came to my room window (my room is next to a small lorong) and start calling my real name and my nick! wah... i panic like mad and i move out not long later.. :-D

gosh...did you make a police report?

nope... never occur to me to report police.... i just move! furthermore, i dont know who is the stalker coz i didnt dare to look out of the window... :-P

woah.. that's scary man! better get a pepper spray!

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