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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Super Bowl XL: Pepsi Commercials

I'll be the first to admit I am a total blockhead when it comes to the NFL.

"Berbair, why is it called Super Bowl XL?"

"....because it's the 40th Super Bowl."

Anyway, who cares about the game? I care only for the above par commercials.

Here are two Pepsi commercials which aired during the event.

Bonus Clip
This bonus clip is a personal favourite from last year.

More commercials after lunch.

Pepsi has always commercialised their brand with celebrities and creative ideas. gotta giv them props but my loyalty is still to coke!

Hmmm...i think the best Pepsi campaign has got to be Pepsi Challenge. It proved that while more people say they prefer Coke, when blindfolded and asked which tasted better, people went for Pepsi. That campaign took a real swipe at Coke's bottom line.

That being said, I am a Diet Coke girl!

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