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Saturday, February 11, 2006 

Dear VIP in the tinted chauffeur-driven BMV escorted by two traffic policemen,

Dear VIP in the tinted chauffeur-driven BMV escorted by two traffic policemen,

Last night, as I and hundreds of other motorist laid stuck in the rush hour jam, aggravated by the rain and impending Thaipusam celebrations, you merrily asked your uniform-clad cronies to turn on their sirens and force the rest of us motorist to make way for you to pass.

What gives you the right to ask me to move aside? Do I not pay the taxes which help the government to build the road I drive on, not to mention your paycheck and the paychecks of the two policemen you used to help you "jump the queue"? Throughout my entire drive back yesterday I did not encounter a single traffic police other than the four (on two separate occasions) which were use to make way VIPs like yourself. Shouldn't they be helping to ease the congestion instead of making sure you'll make it to your mistress's Bangsar apartment in time for a quick shag before rushing home to you unsuspecting wife and children?

Oh, and since we are the subject of jumping queue, I would like present this screenshot taken from the Ministry of Road Safety's website. Please read it carefully, you might learn something.

Selfish VIP quese jumpers

Also, click on this image for the TV commercial on the same matter.

Select the

If our nation's leaders and ministers cannot heed their own advice, please don't preach to me about road safety. I am sick of living in a country with double standards.


Someone who writes her own speeches and presentations, knows that Google is not an internet browser, eBay is not an online store, and does not own a subsidiary company which gets paid a "management fee" for doing nothing other than placing a phone call to the "right" people.

Side note: While i was searching for suitable images for this entry, I googled "Malaysian Police" under google's image search. Guess which well known Malaysian blogger's picture appears in the first page of the results?

i wonder.. if i would ever have the guts to not move when siganlled by them to just make way for their fat arse. any right/slaw protectin us citizens? hmm...

if i do try i will blog about this.

I remember when Pak Lah became PM, he felt ashamed and apologised in the newspaper interview when motorists and vehicles have to stop and make way for his path, which he himself didn't like it to happen. He said, however, he had no choice but to take it as it is all in his day's work to be punctual (I know, other people don't want to be late too).

At least he apologised in advance.

did that happen ard damansara heights area at around 7ish or 8ish? :-P

Well said. I feel you.

cyber-red: I think the bastards would honk at you and probably knock on your glass and indicate for you to make way. Do tell us, if one day you decide to stand your ground.

halian: I think traffic in KL is rather predictable. If you don’t want to be late, leave early. Yeah, but at least the man has courtesy.

confused.bitch: It happened about 8pm, near istana budaya (direction: leaving KL). I saw another VIP jumping the queue, somewhere near Help college. I wish i could be more specific but I am not local so i don’t know the name of the roads.

well it depends who is inside that escorted car.. if it is someone really useful who has contributed a lot to the country without stealing from it.. then by all means... cut all you want... if not....

yep.... Help College is at Bukit Damansara area... i was in my office that nite when i heard siren wailing.... i tot u were talking abt that... ;-)

boss stewie: Agreed. But from my personal experience, I am delusioned about the people who are in high places.

confused.bitch: so you work near Bukit Damansara eh? Be careful, I might be stalking you soon :P

i don't blame u slinky

hmmm biasala, VIP ma ... they dont q, they don register, they just wan it ...

Or, another problem is "DIY" vips -> i.e.: people who drive like psycho's and flash their headlights at any unfortunate motorist who might be in the way. the b------s

come come stalk on me and i shall stalk on u.... we stalk together-gether... :-P

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