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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Dialogue with David, the self proclaimed blog guru

Slinky's picture of the day: Picture of Irene Ang taken in November at an eBay event.

Slinky's picture of the day

"OMFG, looking at your site meter dam depressing. Fuckingfortyseven hits a day nia! Eh, why you even bother to blog? Wahlau eh, ask your friends to support a bit lar….. Har? What? Your friends don’t know you have a blog? Sigh. Tiu lor, like that means no hope.

I tell you why your blog so low traffic, it’s because hor, you don’t have a niche. You see all those famous bloggers, they all have some sort of niche one. Like this Kenny Sia, his specialty is in making people laugh at him. And XiaXue is her amazing Photoshop skill. Rockson ler, is famous for his big cock and politics. You don't know who is big-horse Rockson? You know Jeff Ooi or not? Yeah something like that, but not boring and alot of sex. You pulak, is about everything. Sometimes funny, sometimes got sex, sometimes boring, sometimes serious, sometimes got relationships sometimes got video, sometimes not video, sometimes got photo of pussycat…. Your kinda blog only your own friends or maybe an admirer will read one.

Anyway since you are Jack of all trades, master of none, there is another tactic i want to share with you. If you want people to read your blog, you need to post pictures of yourself. You see like that Fireangel chick, wah, post a few pictures, shoot video of herself playing with white stick, now got a huge following liow. I also like following her. Actually you are okay looking, maybe you need some Photoshop skill and diet, then can post your picture liow. I also like this Linda Chia chick. Thanks for the link. Now that I bookmark her URL liow, I don’t need to look for your site then connect to hers. Actually I can remember it, not need bookmark also. Linda Chia, such a beautiful name.

Anyway my final tip for you to get more readers is to give them something. People don’t do things for free; it must be motivated by something. For example give them links to porn, illegal music, jokes,.etc…Maybe can also consider some free movie tickets. Eh I also heard from Thomas you give good tips on how to pick up chicks, and that your joint rolling technique is quite unbeatable. Share some of your skills lar! Eh, no, no, not your cooking skills. Please lar, your cooking cannot pakai one lar.

Eh, eh, eh, where you walking off to? Don’t angry, don’t angry lar. Eh, fuck lar, who is going to pay the bill like that?"


You blog because you love to blog so... blog at your own terms and write what you want to write. Why do you want to be as big as Xiaxue... think about it...how rich could you possibly be from blogging as compared to how rich you could possibly be from starting an internet business.

I have always heard people say that you need to have a 'niche' when you blog... but I also believe that you should blog whatever you feel like blogging.. which is what we do at Leng Mou?

We write whatever we feel like writing.. the most random stuff ever.. and I don't think we have a niche. Maybe our 200 visits a day are small compared to the 18,000 that Xiaxue gets... but at least its slowly growing and at least I enjoy what I write.

So Slinky.. write what you feel like writing... not what you think people want to read.. that's what blogging is all about

Stewie, you're so cute, i just wanna piiiiiinnnnch you. This post isn't about what you think it is.

Its more of my way of saying, I am happy to have no niche, this blog isn't anonymous-i just haven't posted my picture, and to tell people up front not to expect free movie tickets :P

now don't I look like the idiot

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