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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Sorry, I'm a hypocrite

A few nights ago, a very horny and deprived friend of mine wanted to bang a few hookers (yes, more than one) and I felt obliged to send his poor stranded housemate home. His housemate was this slim, well-spoken, attractive and very confident single 38 year old lady who was a senior manager for a publishing company. During the long drive to her place, we had quite a lot to chat about.

She recently walked out of another dead end relationship. She told me that as she matures, she's learnt not to put up with nonsense. I totally agree-there is no point being in a relationship with someone just for the sake of companionship. That's what pets are for.

“Marriage is overrated.”

“Agreed. Men are such scums. I can’t believe some of them have the cheek to remove their wedding bands the minute they see an attractive girl”.

“Tell me about it. I recently found out this dude who’s trying to date me, is married. I am not particularly surprised but I hate it when men try to deceive. I don’t see the point in them lying, women so familiar with the scum which is men, we half expect it.”

“At least if they come clean, I could maybe spare a charity fuck”.

“I believe in being the hunter, not the hunted”.

“Yeah. Use them and abuse them”.

“I think men are intimidated by women who know exactly what they want and isn’t afraid to say it”.

“No wonder men steer clear of me; I let them know when they don’t match up against my trusty vibrator”.

"Who needs men? We are the new breed of women-confident, independent, promiscuous.”

By the end of the ride, I knew how many married men she’s slept with and she knew my favorite KamaSutra position. It seemed like we've known each other for ages.

“Thanks for the ride Slinky. Let’s meet up again soon. I had fun talking to you”.

As I watched her walk up her apartment steps, I imagined the big, cold, empty bed she’ll sleep in tonight. I imagine her preparing her frozen dinner, while watching reruns of Sex in the City. I respect her for putting up a strong front. She showed no signs of desperation, and the least I could do was play along, for tonight I’ll return to a home cooked meal, prepared by my lovely chef in sexy boxers. He’ll help me carry in my notebook bag, before giving me a warm hug. When I look at his silly grin and my yummy chicken salad, I can’t help but gloat.

yea well but everyone is afraid of one day being left ...alone, no?

How about those women who intentionally prey on some hunky greenhorns

cyber-red: I don’t want to speak for other people, but I definitely don't want to spend the rest of my life alone.

Peacelover: Hunky greenhorns??! I know some hunks, and a handful of greenhorns, but I think they're mutually exclusive.

Anyway for the sake of discussion, hunky greenhorns who have had the privileged of being with a more experience woman should count themselves lucky. They stand a better chance of maturing into better sexual partners.

i dun wanna spend the rest of my life alone too, but i also dont wanna get married. i guess i m really confused.. ;-)

confused.bitch, I think you are contradicting yourself. One always find it very difficult if not nearly impossible to have the best of both worlds. Btw, what is the matter that so matters you that much to warrant exasperation!

more confused than contradictory... ;-)

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