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Sunday, November 05, 2006 

One Week Ago

slinky needs to go on diet
Exactly one week ago I felt absolutely lousy. For someone who always seems to be brimming with confidence, my weight problem is my Achilles Heel. Last week, I jumped onto the scales and felt sick…61kg…that’s the highest I’ve been in a long time…I felt so sick. In an ideal world, a person should be judged based on the beauty within but the world we live in is far from being ideal. I hate being fat…I hate the way I feel self-conscious when I am out with my slim friends…I hate people cracking jokes about my weight…I hate trying to cut back on food only to succumb to a midnight binge…But what I hate the most is how my weight effects the way I view myself, how it makes me feel depressed and wallow in self-pity…but... I will not crumble, I will not lay down and dieeeeeeee!!!!

I dont understand how someone can be fat just exercise and eat right. It's that simple.

Anonymous is an idiot, ignore them.

Don't worry, I am like 77kg. So long as you are healthy and can learn to be happy with yourself you will be fine. Getting depressed about being fat just leads to.... more eating...

Maybe you can find a hobby that will take your mind off food / on to doing some exercise? Like maybe learning rock climbing or netball or badminton?

SBB: Thanks for the advice and support. I try not to beat myself up because i know it can only lead to more weight gain...Most of the time i feel alright...but i guess i do have some insecurities i need to deal with

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