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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?

The boyfriend casually asks, “berbair, are you still on your diet?"

“Yes sweetie”.

“Dam, I felt like pizza. So I am guessing you want something healthy for dinner. No sugar and carbohydrates right?”

“Yes, sweetie”. My boyfriend is great. Not only is he a great cook, he accommodates my fussy eating habits.

“Berbair, have you heard of the 2 percent rule? Market research has shown that consumers are unlikely to notice a 2 percent difference in a product or service. For example, Mc Donald’s could reduce the size of a Big Mac by 2 percent or increase the price of a McValue meal by 2 percent without customers noticing it. Do you think it’s true?”

I thought about what he said.

Got Beer?

Hmmmm…if this pint was 2 percent smaller would I notice it?


Hmmmm…if this dress was 2 percent shorter would I notice it?


Hmmmm…if the cat lost 2 percent of her weight would I notice it?


“Sweetie, I think the 2 percent rule is possibly quite accurate in certain cases” I reply.

A grin appears across the boyfriend’s face. “Maybe you can apply the 2 percent rule the next time you eat my chocolate while pretending to be on a diet”.

Guiltily, I glance at the half eaten Cadbury bar on the kitchen table. “Alright, let’s call Dominos”.

it's time bound, berbair.

2% over a period of ONE month, you'll see lards.

2% over a period of ONE year, you'll see crack marks.

If a bank adds another 2% interest to my loan, will I notice it?

Hell yeh!!!

if my penis grew 2% shorter would I notice it?

probably not...

but would I care? HELL YEAH !!!!!!

Witty post!

LOL LOL LOL! is that cadbury peppermint btw?

It's cashew nuts....yummmyyyy

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