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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

The Reversal of Gender Roles- I would like to be a man in my next life.

As the cab slowed to a stop I glanced at the meter, folded two ten dollar notes, double of the fare of the ride, and slipped them to the driver.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes. Wait for me”.

The Ah Beng, deposited the two notes in his shirt pocket and nodded his agreement. I had a good look at the Ah Beng and made it clear that I would fold his balls in half if he dared leave without me.

I stepped out of the cab and looked around. What was I doing here? I deliberately avoided Holland Village for the past eight months to minimize any chance of me bumping into Jack. We had the ugliest of break-ups: a lot of screaming, some crying, hideous name calling, smashing of gifts, and ending with him calling my parents to tell them I was a self-sabotaging, commitment phobic slut who was emotionally unstable and abusive. Thanks Jack, I love you too.

I came face-to-face with a peach door. His peach door. His peach door which I helped to paint one of those weekends when he grumbled that all we ever did was have sex and drink lots of alcohol. Taking deep breathes, I lifted my hand to rap the door, paused, turned around and started walking away. I heard the peach door open and a familiar voice called out my name.

He pulled me into his chest and hugged me, I felt guilty for the pain I must have caused him. For a former Singapore athlete, he now looked pale and frail. He invited me in, and sat me down in the living room couch.

“Wait here”, he said. “I have something to show you”.

He reemerged from his bedroom cradling a bundle in his arms. “Isn’t she beautiful?” I looked down at the newborn baby.

“Is she yours?” I asked.


“Who is the mother?”

“I don’t know yet”.

“It isn’t me, is it?”

“No, we always used contraceptives and her blood group is AB. I guess it’s probably one of the women I was with when our relationship was turning sour”.

“Do you need financial support?” I asked.

“No, but thanks for the offer”.

The Ah Beng looked relive when I finally emerged. I got him to drive me to my favorites watering hole. My mobile beeped. New message from Jack.

I know you didn’t want to, but thanks for coming. Sometimes I wish she’s yours. I miss you heaps.

i m lost. is that u? u were in sg before too? wow.

Yeah, I worked in singapaore before moving to KL

I would prefer to be a woman in my next life. Oops...a pretty and smart one at least. Life a woman enjoys is....when she is young, her parents take care of her and when she grows up, there are dozens of idiots fighting to take care of her. Whereas, we men are the unlucky ones, having had to be those idiots.
Still wanna be a man in your next life?

Well, i dont mind taking care of the people i love. In fact i can't help but care.

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