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Friday, March 03, 2006 

The Education Fair You DON’T Want To Take Your Kids To

You would think that the organizers of an education fair would take extra care copywriting their advertising campaign. Think again.

“To your child no recognition equals that little recognition from you. To them their childhood is as important as your adulthood”.

WTF? What kinda slogan is that? WTF is it asking the reader to do? WTF? WTF??!

“I am Smart Kid”. Haiyor, WTF man? Isn’t it supposed to be “I am a smart kid”? Unless of course the character’s name is Smart Kid, which makes the text equally as dumb. No kid (fictional or not), who is smart and clever would allow himself to be called Smart Kid.

No parent in their right mind would take their kids to the education fair based on this ad. No kid would find this ad appealing. This ad has no clear message other than to say the organizers need better education and the agency doing this signage is in dire need of a proper copywriter.

A quick visit to their website confirms my worst fears-the same fucker who did the signboard probably “copywrote” the website. How else can you explain this sentence taken from their website?

“There is free admission for children under 16”.

Haiyor, can someone get them to rephrase it to, “Admission is free for children below 16”?

erm...all i can say is "WTF!!!!"

Malaysians are producing ads like that because, believe it or not, our local universities are producing incompetent graduates! It all boils down to our education system, I guess :(

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