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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

If you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t know me.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t know me. So I’ve decided, partly because I have nothing to else to write about, it’s high time for an introduction:

I was once asked to describe myself and I candidly replied, "Simple and Open".

Simple, meaning I am not a materialistic person and I am a minimalist. I am not obsessed with brands, I don’t wear make-up, my hair is low maintenance, I don’t desire fame, and I don’t like too much complications in my life. I don't need to hide behind a fake personality, an expensive car or hang out with hip and happening people; I am just me. But understanding me is no simple task. I am fluid and change without even myself noticing it. My experiences in life has made me wiser (though I am far from being wise) and I see things in so many different perspectives its sometime hard to personal know myself what I really believe is right or wrong. My point of view constantly shifts, my principles only last as long as I can defend them, and I am unpredictable especially when I let my emotions take the reins. So though simple I am, I am also complicated.

Open, meaning I like listening to conflicting views, meeting different kinds of people, experiencing the abundance, pains and pleasures of life, and taking in all I can, cause I can, cause I want to, cause I love to My heart is always open to love, my ears open to hear and my eyes open to see. I try my best not to stereotype, prejudge and perceive but I am only human, forgive me for the times I make assumptions. I try to be a good friend, I have a sense of humor and NO, I am not alcoholic! I am a nerd; I like books, cooking my own dinner every night and playing computer games. I love music, though I can’t play any instruments, can’t hold a tune to save my own life, hmmm but I’ve been told I can dance. I believe communication, mutual respect, passion, good sex and common goals make an ever lasting relationship. I believe good friends are always there for you even though you’re not in touch regularly. I believe blood is thicker than water, abusing drugs, alcohol, animals, and others are no good, and cats are a women best friend.

i can't play musical instruments too!!
oohh nono wait.... oh yes i can.. i play the triangle

I read this post of yours numerous times trying to figure out where or when have I ever met a person or friend that matches the discriptions of yourself. But I found none.
Do you think you are what you are?

This is how i see myself, but it may not be what others see of me. I'd like to believe i know myself well enough to understand the impression i project unto other people.

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