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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

What Would We Do Without The Internet?

It is a shinning example of viral marketing success and is proving to be more contagious than the flu. In a week, probably 2 million people worldwide have “ooohhhh-ed" and “aaaahhhh-ed" at this video which depicts how Bart, Homer, Marg, Lisa and Maggie would look like if they were humans.

It got me thinking-what would an animated Slinky look like?

Ahhhh, yes. I can see myself as Skipper, the head honcho of the penguins in Madagascar. Cute and cuddly boys ...cute and cuddly.

Can you keep a secret, my monochromatic friend

I've always thought Bruce Willis would play the perfect Homer Simpson.

But, but, he doesn't have a big enough belly!!! Homer without a belly would be sacrilege and would not reflect the American demographics.

That would be good, cause all hollywood stars who gained/lost weight for a role will eventually win some award.

I'm disappointed real-life Marge didn't have a set of tall blue hair.

hehehe i saw that too

hahahahha and yes i thought bruce willis would be perfect as homer simpson

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